Season Eight

Our most physically grueling season to date, Season 8 had a bit of everything: One World chaos, dramatic uses of idols and advantages, an endgame rock draw, and a compelling Final Tribal council (not to mention a looming swap delayed by a tornado and hail warning!).


Grace Nicholls
Kelsey Marlow
Holli Rutkowski
Tiffany Landry
Christina Bruce
Mandy Campise
Jake Spartz
Patrick O’Donnell
Joe Sorendino
Landon Hulme
Devon Alkema
Chris O’Neal
Benji Billman
Madison Tomlinson
Kevin Wu
Jake Miller
Stephanie Ogando
Jamie Lanoye
Megan Chann
Kadie Yannone
Katelyn Fray
Stu Nations
Morgan Jackson
Alex Whitmore

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