2024 Schedule of Events:

Thursday, July 4th

8:00 am Event open for arrival

8:30 am Challenges begin.
Allow time to park car here in the field and for the
5 minute walk behind the house to the challenge field.

12:00 pm Approximate lunch break for about 60 minutes. Feel free to go off site and get lunch.

1:00 pm Challenges resume.

Friday, July 5th

9:00 am Challenges begin.

12:00 pm Approximate lunch break for about 60 minutes. Feel free to go off site and get lunch.

1:00 pm Challenges resume.

Saturday, July 6th

8:00 am Challenges begin.

12:00 pm Approximate lunch break for about 60 minutes. Feel free to go off site and get lunch.

1:00 pm Challenges resume.

Sunday, July 7th

8:00 am Challenges begin.

3:00 pm Approximate ending of challenge

3:00 pm Reunion gathering and afterparty

Directions to the Spectator Area:

  • To get to the main viewing area (the challenge field), you will walk to the back of the house and around the pond on the right side towards the large shaded structure. Volunteers and signage will assist you.

Keep track of your belongings!

  • Survival Challenge is not responsible for any personal property brought on site; please keep all of your belongings with you.

Carry out what you carry in.

  • Please be respectful of the property we are on – be sure to take everything with you that you brought, and place any garbage into the provided receptacles.


  • The port-a-potties located by the challenge field are for spectators, please feel free to utilize them.

What can I expect over the course of the game?

  • Players of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the country, will camp in the woods, compete as tribes in a variety of physical, mental and skill based challenges throughout the day, with the challenge losers voting each other out. The game will follow a similar format to the popular reality TV series Survivor.
  • As spectators, you will be able to watch many of the challenges live, and attend most tribal councils to watch as players get voted out.
  • There is a short walk from the challenge field to the tribal council area (where players are voted out), so expect to walk back and forth throughout the day. While the walk is short, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes as you will walk back and forth many times each day, and may walk back and forth to your car multiple times.
  • You must stay in the spectator areas; you will not have access to the camps or any behind the scenes player interviews as they live in the woods over the course of the 5 days.
  • There may be some breaks throughout each day where the players will be in holding areas, back at camp, or not in a location where the audience can see them; so, you will experience breaks. The holding areas are completely off limits to audience members; this is important as we work to keep as authentic of a game as possible, without any outside influence.
  • On Sunday afternoon, a jury of some of those voted out will vote to determine a winner of those still left in the game.
  • There will be an after-party on Sunday, after the game is over, and food will be provided for everyone – players, spectators and volunteers!
  • The event will continue rain or shine! We will hold challenges, tribal councils and other game elements in inclement weather.
  • Due to the nature of a live game, all advertised start/end times are approximate. You are highly encouraged to arrive ahead of the start times shown in the schedule that you’ll receive on site so as not to miss or disrupt any live action that is taking place.
  • We ask that you be mindful about how loud you are talking in the audience area. Loud discussions and conversations can be distracting to the players as they listen to rules and perform in challenges. We ask that audience members do not talk at all during tribal councils.

Please do not communicate with players!

  • You are welcome to wave, smile and cheer from a distance. Beyond that, there will be no audience interaction with players actively playing in the game. It’s incredibly important that you do not impact the gameplay in any way or attempt to communicate anything to players. In the event you are observed doing so, you will be asked to leave and the player you are engaging with might experience consequences in the game as well.
  • When a player is eliminated, he / she / they will be able to join the spectators and you are welcome to interact with those players who have joined the audience.
  • There will be no audience interaction with players who have been eliminated but are a part of the jury until after the game is over and the winner has been announced.

Watch the game online!

  • In the event that you cannot attend the event live every day, there will be live feeds running on the Survival Challenge Facebook page. We encourage you to share this with family, friends and fans of players who cannot attend the event live.

How can I support Survival Challenge?

Have a question? Please see your production member & audience coordinator, Matthew!