Survival Challenge (SC) is an accelerated five day version of the CBS reality show Survivor held in Macomb, Illinois each summer. With a 50+ member volunteer squad anchored by an experienced production team, SC provides fans, SuperFans, and fun-seekers an opportunity to play Survivor.

How? By emulating how CBS runs their game (while adding a few twists of our own)! Battling the elements and each other, late night strategy talks, lies that sound like truth and truth that sounds like lies… idols, advantages, blindsides at Tribal Council… our game has it all!

And if there’s one thing that our players insist separates the SC from other Survivor live games, it’s our challenges: our game may last only five days, but we pack over twenty Survivor-quality challenges into each event. We do everything we can to provide our players with an authentic Survivor experience — and memories that will last a lifetime!

All of our players pay a fee to play and we donate our proceeds to charities of our choice.

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How Do I Apply?

Do you have what it takes to compete in Survival Challenge 2022? Are you a huge fan of Survivor? Do you want to test yourself in a 5-day competition that will push your physical, social and strategic skills to the limit? If so, read on and consider applying!

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Want to know what Survival Challenge is all about? Click to view images from our past eight seasons.

Survival Challenge
Survival Challenge

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Don’t wait. Apply today for this amazing chance to compete with other fellow Survivor super fans and make friends from all over the country.